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El poder de la imagen®

(registered Trade mark) – Translated: The Power of Image®

Rodolfo Medina is originally a Civil Engineer - UBA. He is also an expert in sustainable development ideas and projects, as well as a dedicated photographer. These have been his two thematic paradigms since a long time. For this reason, he has registered the acronym "The Power of Image". The aim is to contribute with the photographic image to the visibility of certain subjects in light of the principles of sustainability. Currently the most concrete initiatives in this regard, in different stages of progress, are: 1. BIAS - the Image Bank of the Sustainable Argentine Agriculture and the Climate Change Mitigation (including Fishery and Forestry); 2. Photographers for Change and Regeneration ®; 3. The prison challenge in Argentina: from recidivism to social reintegration.

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Born on December 5, 1952 in Buenos Aires, where he lives and works. He studied at Goethe Schule and at Colegio C.A. de Marín, graduating in 1970. Graduated Civil Engineer - UBA (University of Buenos Aires) - 1979. His main languages are Spanish, German, English and French.

As a professional he held leading positions, nationally and internationally. Executive / CEO in third-party, global and own companies.

Expert in Sustainable Development projects and devoted photographer, being both his thematic and philosophical paradigms, a synthesis of his gaze. He has registered the acronym: "The Power of Image".

He has always been an active athlete, many disciplines, and an adventurer. Activities that he knew how to complement with his photographic passion. Former member of the Explorers Club of New York, Argentine Chapter.

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