My Resume

Basically focused on sustainability and photography, as well as adventure & exploration in general.

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I was born on December 5, 1952, in Buenos Aires, where I live and work, although I always travelled and worked in Argentina and around the world.

I studied (primary) at the German Norte Goethe Schule and at the Colegio Carmen A. de Marín, graduating as a bachelor in 1970. I received my Civil Engineering degree – UBA in 1979.

My main languages are Spanish, German, English and French (this last basic).

As a professional I was lucky enough to occupy interesting and leading positions, nationally and internationally. As project manager, executive / CEO in third-party, global and own companies.

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I turned increasingly into to Sustainable Development projects and into my photography passion.
Today I have registered the acronym: "The power of Image®" for Argentina.
I was always an active athlete, in many disciplines, and quite curious and adventurous. Activities that in my case empathize with the environment and photography.
Former member of the Explorers Club of New York, Argentine chapter.

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Some specific projects, outside of engineering:
- CEO of the Foundation for the Human&Sustainable Development of Patagonia, sponsored by AVINA Switzerland (Stephan Schmidheini), together with Techint Group, Aluar, PAE - Panamerican Energy, PCR, Fabri SA and other leading companies - 1997 to 1999.
- Founder and CEO of Grupo Arrayanes SA, an interdisciplinary consulting group for the development and implementation of sustainable projects – 2000 to 2005.
- Founder, main shareholder and CEO of High Image Express, in JV with HP / Hewlett Packard Argentina: Provision of the integral photographic service, including from capture or scanning, the complete digital process and final printing in high quality and various formats – 2003 to 2004.

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Some experiences as an explorer, adventurer and photographer:
- Crossing the Andes Range of Mountains in MTB / Mountain Bike, February 1993.
- Summit of Cerro Aconcagua - January 1999.
- Complete NYC Marathon, November 1999.
- Crossing of the South Patagonian Continental Ice Cap - February 2002.
- NOA / Argentine Northwest in Mountain Bike, April 2001.
- Trekking and photography trip to Patagonia, Perito Moreno Glacier and El Chalten / Cerro Fitz Roy y Torre range of mountains, among others. Together with my dear friend Steven Rockefeller Jr. and the specialized guide Nicolás Olaciregui - March 2015.
- Photographic trip to "deep" Patagonia, together with the recognized wildlife photographer, Jorge Cazenave, March 2018.

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Main photographic exhibitions:
- Digo la Cordillera project (I mean the Andes) – Las Leñas Chapter. Interdisciplinary artistic project – Together with its creator, the architect and painter Carlos Gomez Centurion, and the filmmaker and mountain guide Sebastian Mettenier. Chapter Mendoza / on the outskirts of Las Leñas. Covering the capture on site, the production of the materials and the exhibition (paintings, photography and video): a. in the City of Buenos Aires (Arcimboldo Espacio de Arte, by Pelusa Borthwick, one month) and b. at the Hotel Virgo de Las Leñas (4 months) - between 2013 and 2014. Curator, Pelusa Borthwick. In my case, I provided the idea and the total coordination and logistics, as well as the artistic and documentary photography.

- Individual photographic exhibition "Imágenes patagónicas y cordilleranas", at Espacio Bolívar, by Pablo Madanes, June 2015. Curator, Pelusa Borthwick.

- The last one was in Finland: Anthology by Rodolfo Medina,. at Leena Larva's Aino Gallery. Helsinki-Finland. From July 2020 to October 2021.
A cycle of 4 thematic consecutive shows:
1. Patagonian Beauty, 2. Tango Spirit, 3. Pampa Horizons, 4. Gauchos&Horses. It can still be seen at the link WWW.AINOGALLERIA.FI – Curator: Eduardo Medici @artemedici.

Opening Soon Galeria Del Paseo, Punta del Este, Uruguay 8th of July, 2022.