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I graduated as a civil engineer - UBA in 1979. Although since I was young my two main thematic passions were: a. environmental issues and sustainability, in its broadest sense, its overcoming implications and related projects, including Climate Change, and b. photography and image in general. My attention and commitment moved more and more in that direction, my two paradigms, if we can say so. Although until very recently all very much mixed with my professional activity as an engineer.

In 2019, I registered the brand "El Poder de la Imagen®" for Argentina. Its purpose is to contribute (with the photographic image) to the visibility of certain issues in light of the principles of sustainability. Currently, the most concrete initiatives in this regard, at different stages of progress, are:

1. BIAAS - The Image Bank of Sustainable Argentine Agriculture, what the Argentine agricultural and livestock sector (including fishing and forestry) does sustainably, including the climate change mitigation.

2. Photographers for Change and Regeneration ®;

3. The prison challenge in Argentina: from Recidivism to Social Reintegration.

As for my last photo exhibitions, the last two were:

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1. Anthology by Rodolfo Medina. At Aino Gallery, by Leena Larva, Helsinki – Finland. From July 2020 to October 2021. A cycle of 4 consecutive thematic exhibitions 1. Patagonian Beauty, 2. Tango Spirit, 3. Pampa Horizons, 4. Gauchos & Horses. It can still be seen at the link WWW.AINOGALLERIA.FI – The renowned Argentine plastic artist, Eduardo Medici @artemedici, honored me with his Curatorship.

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2. My last exhibition was: Patagonia – At Del Paseo Gallery, by Silvia Arrozes, Manantiales, Punta del Este, Uruguay. From July 8 to July 31, 2022. See Brochure

El Hurgador

A recent bilingual interview by the Art Blogspot "El Hurgador".
Here below you can read and appreciate this pretty important and complete interview, released in July 2022, after my photo exhibition in Uruguay. See Interview

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